Every organization deserves a "Resilient Partner".

What kinds of projects do you sponsor?

We sponsor events, short-term, and long-term projects for individuals and organizations that offer value and purpose to the community they work in.

Do you provide services for nonprofits that have their 501(c)3 or small businesses?

 Yes. We provide accounting, payroll processing , clerical and many other back office support services. Please contact us!

What visions do we sponsor?

We sponsor visions that promotes something positive and needed by your community. 

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

There are several benefits to being sponsored.  (Here are some).

  • Immediate start time–no need to wait for IRS approval.
  • Focus on your project, not on paperwork–we do all your accounting, payroll, tax filings and general organizational administration.
  • We open up the door so you can apply for grants from foundations and local organizations.
  • Receive tax-deductible donations–one time and recurring donations are available to you.
  • Receive material donations (please realize these types of donations are converted into cash donations). 
  • Receive donated goods for raffling off and selling at fundraising events.

Will I be able to apply for grants immediately after being sponsored?

 Yes.  But, we advise you raise at least $3000.00 from your  supporters before you apply for foundation grants.  This provides a proven track which is a welcome sight for many funders.  They like to see an established base of support before they will consider you for a grant.  However, there are many fundraising tools at your disposal today, including crowd-funding.  Foundation grants are just one of your options.  

What are your fees?

There is no cost to inquiry, and we charge  10% administrative fee with a one-time set-up of $475.00.  These fees supports our ability to provide you with financial, governance, and other services.  For projects with revenue over $400,000.00 we can offer lower administrative fees determined by the size of the budget and the needs of the project.

How long does it take to be approved?

Once you have submitted your application with all the required documentation, it takes no longer than 72 hours for an initial approval.  Afterward we will follow-up with a brief orientation via phone, our internal video messaging system or Google Hangout, at which time Resilience and the Applicant (Project) will determine whether we are indeed a good fit for one another.

How long will I be sponsored?

There is no time limit on our sponsorship.  You can remain a sponsored project for as long, or as little, as needed.  We are here to help facilitate your successful efforts, and give you the freedom to decide what is best for you and your project.  

Frequently Asked Questions